Translation for Tourism Course

Translation for Tourism Course

General Translation for Tourism from and into Spanish combined with: English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

Spain is a very high demand destination for tourists, which creates a high demand for translators in the tourism sector. Tourist offices, agencies, hotels, restaurants, monument sites, places of interest, all need additional (and professional) translation services.

The translation course for tourism is based on texts in the tourism field. This course focuses on travel brochures, hotel instructions, menus, travel guides, insurance policies, historical documents.

Price: 300 €/month

IT Salamanca
IT Salamanca

As we suppose that you have an excellent knowledge of your mother tongue and at least a B2 level in your foreign language, we focus on translation skills.

You will learn how to analyse a text, how to understand it correctly and use the right terminology, amongst other skills. The course is about practice with a minimum of theory.

What about a “virtual coffee” as we used to have it in Spain, and we discuss all details of your course?

You can ask any question to your teacher and check your skype, meet or zoom connection.

Please, send us your name and e-mail address and one of our teachers will get back to you to schedule a call for free.

They will explain you how we work, how the course will be organized, which material we use, how your skills will be developed during the tuition hours….

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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