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Learning Spanish online with ITS guarantees you:

Learning in a flexible and fast way, organizing your own time schedule (weekends included).

Realistic guidelines regarding the time that you need to achieve your goals.

Practicing Spanish at home, on the move while you travel, or in your spare time…. It couldn’t be easier!

The courses will be online through videoconferences, talking to your teacher and classmates, as you would in a class. Previously a timetable will be set for each participant.

You will have access to our Platform that includes the grammatical contents of each of the courses and provides you with exercises, vocabulary, songs, games and much more.

Your tutor will organize a conversation group of students. You can ask your questions or talk to your classmates as you would in a class.

Online Spanish Courses

Learning Spanish at home or on the move in an enjoyable, flexible and fast way.

Online Translation Courses

Translation is an Art or a Science? A tricky task? Have a professional multilingual experience.

IT Salamanca

Translation & Interpreting

Be professional in any language. Communicate effectively and work with professional translators.

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Get the latest news and information on Spanish courses and translation from IT Salamanca.

Online translation courses from Spanish and into Spanish, designed by professional translators

Can I learn the art of translation? Which translation methodologies and techniques are used? How does a professional translator work? Which tools should be used?

Good translation requires practice, it doesn’t happen overnight. Translators have specific techniques that they have learnt through a solid education, practice provides the necessary extra experience, just like flight hours for a pilot.

We will give you the necessary feedback and tips to improve your translating skills.

IT Salamanca
IT Salamanca

At ITS we have trained translators for almost 30 years and therefore we are very aware of the difficulty of work, knowledge and talent that it requires to be a good translator.

Therefore, we also know that not all translators are the same and that the quality of the final text can vary greatly depending on the translator.

Translating, producing a good text in another language, is a humane, demanding and creative task that requires extreme professionalism.

Thanks to our experience, we know how to distinguish and locate the best talents: it is one of our strengths.

Being a good translator is an absolute requirement to work with ITS. An excellent translator is our seal of quality.

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