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Saturday, 14 January 2017 13:07

Online Translation Courses

Online Translation Courses

Online Spanish CoursesOnline translation courses from Spanish and into Spanish, designed by professional translators

Can I learn the art of translation? Which translation methodologies and techniques are used? How does a professional translator work? Which tools should be used?

Good translation requires practice, it doesn’t happen overnight. Translators have specific techniques that they have learnt through a solid education, practice provides the necessary extra experience, just like flight hours for a pilot.

We will give you the necessary feedback and tips to improve your translating skills.

For whom is this course designed?

All translation students or anyone who wants to practice foreign languages, or to use their linguistic knowledge: teachers, professional translators, candidates for official exams (UN, EU, NATO), devotees of learning and personal development.

Translation techniques

You can start to learn translation techniques, sharpen your skills as a translator, or simply get up to date. Our practical translation classes in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch give you an excellent opportunity to add to your knowledge and strategies. The ITS online translation courses for professionals are adapted to your individual needs. Ask for details today

Online learning with ITSalamanca is an entry passport for the professional world:
A certificate recognised by companies, translation agencies, public bodies, and interpreter associations. Our courses will prepare you for the official examinations of national and international bodies that award the Sworn Translator/Interpreter Certificate from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

What Does the Course Include?
- Introduction to translation theory and tools
- 4 texts in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Dutch. Each text has 700 words approximately and will take you about two hours to translate and send it to your teacher. 
- All our ITS teachers are professional native experienced translators. You will receive personal correction and comments from them.
- A unique ITS certificate,  which certifies your level and practical experience as a translator.

Student development and professional outcomes:

Our translation and interpreting services department has been collaborating with government corporations and private companies for more than 20 years. Future professional (translators, professors…) rely on us to built strong opportunities.

What do I need?

A PC or laptop with internet connection. Our study material is mostly provided in Word or PDF files, so you merely need a PDF reader and Windows or Open Word.
On the motivational side, strong will and determination is always helpful for progressing!

Timetable: Your own

Duration: One month or more.  You will be charged for one month to start with, so you can evaluate how this works for you. You can extend for a longer term at any point. The study material that we provide covers a month work.

The price includes:

• Registration
• Identifying your level and advising you on the courses
• Necessary course material
• Delivery of 4 texts
• Tutor’s personalised comments and corrections
• Certificate sent by post

About payment: As soon as we receive your register form, we will send you more information about our account number for a bank transfer or our Paypal account if you prefer to pay with your credit card.

Online Spanish Courses


Published in ITSAL


“I have done a 2 months online course at IT Salamanca. The quality of the instruction is superb. I have studied Spanish for 20 years, including several years at the University of Leiden and one year in Granada, Andalusia. I have never encountered such a dedicated and skilled teacher as Charo. She helped me finally understand the subjunctive, and corrected errors I've been making for years. Charo is very talented in writing personal exercises that exactly match with your individual level of Spanish. She is also funny, kind, patient, and punctual. IT Salamanca (ITS) is a highly recommended school. Paul van der Meer, Leiden, The Netherlands
“Os comunico una buena noticia: he aprobado el DELE Superior. Nuevamente os quiero agradecer a todos vosotros de ITS y especialmente a mis profesoras, vuestro apoyo y consejos Masami Yokota, Japón preparación a DELE, mayo 2003.
“Recomiendo ITS a mis compañeros traductores e intérpretes en Holanda. Así pasarás una buena temporada en España y ganarás puntos para el famoso “Registro” (en mi caso 40). Además te saldrá mucho más barato que los cursos costosos en Holanda Coby Heijnsdijk, Holanda Cursos de traducción, septiembre 2012
“Ik heb een tekst uit het Spaans in het NL vertaald (een tekst met veel spreektaal), en voor de rest alles uit het NL in het Spaans, waaronder een aantal semiwetenschappelijke artikelen uit het blad Quote. Erg leuk. Het programma is echter ook heel intensief.... Ik heb echt het gevoel dat ik qua vertalen NL – Spaans een groot stuk vooruitgang heb geboekt, en daar was het natuurlijk ook allemaal om te doen! Ingrid Riper, Holanda Cursos de traducción, junio 2011
“Quiero darles las gracias porque ya tengo mis resultados del DELE y estoy muy muy contenta porque he aprobado. No hubiera podido aprobar con estas notas sin vosotras. Muchísimas gracias. No podéis imaginarse lo feliz que soy con mis resultados. Gracias por todo Aurélie Tinel, Bélgica preparación a DELE noviembre 2005
“En ITS me ofrecían la posibilidad de estudiar interpretación con cursos “a la carta”, es decir, que se adaptan en número de horas y nivel de conocimiento a las necesidades y características del alumno/a Olivia Potel, Francia Cursos de interpretación, febrero 2013

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